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Aina's GM Application.

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Aina's GM Application. Empty Aina's GM Application.

Post by Aina Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:41 am

Aina Le

IGN : Ainax3


What can you do to benefit the server?:
I'm very quick and efficient , responsible and mature, I like to help out players and help make the servers community grow.

DO you have any past experiences?
Yes, I've owned my own server ( AinaMS ) And was a GM and co-administrator and many other servers.

What is your skills?
My skills are, being online mostly every day, 24/7 , being fast and friendly , responsible and mature all the time, and making sure no rules are broken in game.

Tell me about yourself :
I'm Aina, 18, I'm Japanese/Filipino , I'm in senior year in highschool, and I'm greatley excited to graduate from highschool. I have a A,B average in all my classes, I'm intellegent friendly and outgoing. I like to solve problems, cause it doesn't only help the people, it's helps and learn how to solve problems when it happens to me later on in life. I have dark brownish-black hair, black eyes and light skin. I like to make friends and help people with anything (: .

Anything else?
Thank-you for reviewing my application.


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