Rhys' Gm Application

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Rhys' Gm Application

Post by loith on Mon May 04, 2009 1:33 am

Name: Rhys

Age: 13 xD

Experience: i have been a GM in two servers names are: Maple Fantasy and Extreme Ms, Maple Fantasy Shut down quite some time and i believe Extreme MS is still running but turned lame so yea i guess you could say i have experience (i also have a GM Handbook)

A Little About Myself: i am very sporty, fun always happy and will help people in need xD (if i can) anyway back on the subject, i love to play maplestory and commit when possible

Why do you think you would be good for the job: because i am Kind, Helpful (i will help people to the extent of my GM ability if i get chosen) i make friends easily and i can host events when asked of me, ban hackers (if i have proof and a good reason) and jail people if they get too unruly (such as disturbing other players and such)

What would you do if you accidentally summoned 100-200 monsters?: i would either use !killall although i have been told it can lag the server, or i would use some skills that kill mobs fast

Contact: rhys.dowling@optusnet.com.au

Last words: i would like to thank the owner of the server for creating such a great one and also all the people who are contributing to keeping it alive xD and i hope i get chosen ~Sincerely Rhys~


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