Cuterobot's gm app

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Cuterobot's gm app

Post by cuterobot on Wed Sep 17, 2008 8:12 am

1.Whats my name?Kelvin and I'm from Singapore

2.What is your IGN? uterobot

3.Do you have any exp in gm?
Yes, I have done a GM before at my brother account. But i long time nvr play tht sever but i know the gm command.

4.When and How long? About 6month ago, I am 14 years old

5.How can you help SuperMS? I can help SuperMS by looking out for hackers and ban them. I also can made more event and ask my friends to come to this server.

6.If you saw a hacker wat would you do? I will keep an eye on him and let them notice me. If they still hack, i will giv him/her chance.then i will ban/jail straight away if they dun appreciate this chance.

7.If you saw a harrasser wat would you do? I will call them to stop or i will dc/jail them.

8.If someone finds you obusing your power what would you do? I wont abondon my skill. if i really saw someone using, i will dc them, take away their skill or jail him/her.

Hope i will be 1 of the gm XD


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Re: Cuterobot's gm app

Post by Thanh on Wed Sep 17, 2008 4:44 pm

Nice apply


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